Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Taylor Woods: Hope House Service Reflection

                  This Sunday, the Setons of Gonzaga had the opportunity to visit the Hope House in downtown Spokane. This incredible facility started as a way to protect women against violence on the streets, and has been in operation since 1997. As a place of refuge, the Hope House offers a safe and comforting environment to all women, barrier-free. In addition to the thirty-four beds available each night, the women at the Hope House are offered hot meals, clean showers, hygiene products, moral support, as well as access to a tremendous number of donated items. As a part of our monthly service, we were able to dedicate our time in order to assist in the sorting and organization of their donations. All in all, the most profound aspect of this event was seeing the kindness that has overflown from the Spokane community in the form of donations. We were able to see firsthand how loved the Hope House is, and the impact this has on the women it serves.
Upon entering the Hope House, we were greeted by Michelle, the Housing Specialist, who gave us a tour of the facility. It was incredible to see the number of amenities offered for the women, and what a safe and friendly atmosphere the Hope House creates. We spent our morning sorting through the generously donated items the house had recently received, and noting how positive it is for such a valuable organization to be noticed for its work in uplifting the lives of women.
                  As we work to positively impact our community, serving alongside my fellow Setons brings me to a state of peace and joy. It is so powerful to see the work that we can accomplish as an organization; the unity that results from our acts of service is undeniably my favorite part of being a Seton. When we are given the ability to work in a hands-on environment such as the Hope House, we are given the chance to interact with members of our community, leaving us with meaningful and influential moments to reflect upon. Today, I am reminded of the kindness in our world because of those who work to create a better life for all. I am reminded of the power of respect and compassion, and how these work to ensure the dignity of every human life. And I am reminded of the positive impact you can have on your community, even through the smallest acts of service. From my time as a Seton of Gonzaga, I have learned that service does not need to be coordinated or volunteered for; you can serve your community in big ways and small ways, and every act will have a positive effect nonetheless. Whether it is dedicating your time at a soup kitchen or picking up trash as you walk to class, always strive to incorporate an act of service into your everyday routine.  
Although our time at the Hope House was limited, the impact the house had on each of us is everlasting, and likewise, we worked to help the house in as great of a way as we could. Seeing such a wonderful organization serve the women of the Spokane community is truly heartwarming, and I am looking forward to working with the Hope House again. As a Seton of Gonzaga, with service as one of our three pillars, it is a privilege to serve with twenty-nine other women who want to support their local community and leave a positive impact on this world

- Taylor Woods
Seton of Gonzaga 

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  1. Hello, Taylor.

    I am a Development Director for Volunteers of America/Hope House. I loved your article. May I use it for fundraising and marketing material? It's nice to share volunteer's experiences with the community.





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