Wednesday, February 8, 2017

James Silverstri: Artisans and Ski Trip Reflection

The question I get asked most after people find out that I am a Knight is: why did you decide to join? There was one thing that recently happened that really reminded me of why I joined this organization. I love the service and leadership aspect of these organizations, but the bond that we create between one another really differentiates our club from many others. Last weekend at Silver Mountain, will be a fond memory to look back on when I am older and reminiscing about college. When 20 or so Knights and Setons ski together – you're going to have a great time. I had an absolute blast skiing with everyone and getting to know people better outside of a service setting.
Being a member of the Knights of Gonzaga has made me a better individual at the end of the day. Not only do these groups give back to the community through service, but I think there is something else that is commonly overlooked. So far, my mentee and friend Kevin has probably taught and helped me more than I probably have been able to help him. The Knights and Setons are also such beneficial organizations for the participants as they are for the community. My experience at Gonzaga would be so much radically different if I had decided to not find out more about the Knights and Setons. It is amazing to make friends with people that I generally would not have been in contact with because of different friend groups, dorm or majors. This was one of my best decisions at Gonzaga and Silver Mountain confirmed that belief.

- James Silvestri
Knight of Gonzaga

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