Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Evan Harrison: Artisans Reflection

The most rewarding part of service at Artisans has been watching the progression of my mentee and I's relationship. At the beginning, Micah was very quiet and seemed nervous to be around me. However, as the weeks have progressed it has been fun to establish a relationship with him, where he is actually excited to see me and we both make each other laugh. Sometimes we play his version of the board game "Sorry!" where he draws all the cards and then moves his pieces an arbitrary number of spaces. It sounds tedious but we end up just laughing the whole time. He has also become much more talkative which was very apparent at the Gonzaga Womens basketball game where he could not stop yelling GO COUGS!!! Overall, it has been a fulfilling experience to watch Micah progress and I am excited for the weeks to come. 

- Evan Harrison 
Knight of Gonzaga 

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