Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Carmel Stralen: Artisans Reflection

One of my favorite parts of being apart of Knights and Setons is the service we are able to do with The Artisans of Spokane each week. Over the course of last semester I was able to visit my mentee Samantha every week and go on a few really fun outings with her. In the beginning of the year, we set goals for what she wanted to work on throughout the year which included reading books, coloring, and having fun. So far, I have been able to see Samantha’s conīŦdence continue to climb each time I see her. We had a blast at the Christmas Dance together where we danced, took pictures with Santa, and ate a lot of food. This semester, I was so excited to come back and continue to bond with Samantha.
This past week, when at The Artisans for my weekly service, Samantha and I colored a Valentine’s picture and talked about who we wanted to win the Super Bowl. She also took on another one of the mentees in a game of Wii Bowling and I was so happy to see her having fun and enjoying the time we spend together. For the remainder of the semester I hope Samantha and I continue to grow closer and work on achieving the goals we set at the beginning of the year.

- Carmel Stralen
Seton of Gonzaga

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