Friday, December 16, 2016

Alexa Rauvola: Artisans Reflection

We closed our first semester of mentoring with Artisans through a Christmas party with dancing, food, and presents. While the event was fun, the most special aspects of the whole event was the evidence of the community Artisan’s has created. I never really understood the impact we had, but at the party I could clearly see how Artisan’s gave mentees dozens of new friends from both the mentors and the mentees. Whatever their situation at home or in life, they had love from a program that would just let them be themselves. While hectic at times, I think Artisan’s does that well. If anything, it’s a place for individual’s with physical or intellectual disability find a community. 

My mentee, Amy, isn’t usually one to be the loudest in the room or go out of her way to talk to people, even to me. I wasn’t sure if she was going to come to the Christmas party, she usually doesn’t do well with over stimulation or loud noises. However she came and when she arrived the amount of people that greeted her and were happy to see her was really cool to see. Most days, Amy and I just color in silence or chat about the Seahawks, but I really think she enjoys knowing there are people there for her at Artisan’s. While the relationships aren’t filled with constant conversation, I think she appreciates the company and outlet to meet more people. 

I’ve noticed Amy continue to grow throughout the semester and I can’t wait to see what happens by the end of next semester. It’s a special program and I’m lucky to be apart of it. 

-Alexa Rauvola
Seton of Gonzaga

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