Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Anne Gilbert: Aritsans Reflection

This week, I met with my mentee Valerie for the first time. We started off by talking about goals that we wanted to achieve by the end of the year. Valerie was a very nice girl, who is also very shy. At the start, I had a hard time getting to know Valerie because of how shy she was. This reminded me of this summer when I worked with people with special needs and some of them were also very shy like Valerie. I realized I just have to be patient with her, and she will eventually open up. As time went on, she started to tell me her interests and things that she wanted to achieve this year. Our goals were to make new friends, work on counting money, and become a better baker. During artisans that day, we played games with the other mentees and mentors. Next time, we will start working on our goals by counting money because Valerie wants to work at the mall. Overall, I had a great first time at artisans. It was awesome to see her warm up to me and get to know her.

Anne Gilbert
- Seton of Gonzaga 

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