Monday, November 7, 2016

Anna Stember: Artisans Reflection

I’ve been looking forward to starting service with Artisans for a few weeks now. In the past, I’ve had experience working with adults with disabilities through my mom, who is a speech pathologist. Because of this, I was eager to begin with the mentees in Spokane to see how it would compare with experiences I’ve had in the past. Due to some scheduling issues I wasn’t able to meet with my own mentee, but instead I was able to spend time with a couple different Artisans participants. 

I had such a blast! First, a group of six of us (a mix of mentees and GU students) gathered around to play Uno. The game was full of plenty of jokes and laughs. It was great setting and activity to to highlight the differences in personalities of everyone in the room. Jacob, for example, was energetic, talkative, and continuously cracked jokes. Reid, on the other hand, was more quiet but loved to sing. He also is very talented at making card houses (that patience is incredible- you go Reid!). After playing Uno and making card houses, I spent time with Buddy (mentee) and Eli (his mentor). Buddy loves Scooby Doo; he was playing episode after episode on the TV in the room. He is very quiet and has a harder time speaking, so the show was a great way to see him excited about something he enjoys. However, it was difficult to communicate with Buddy because he often didn’t respond to our questions about setting some goals. He did mention he likes boats and games, which definitely was a step in the right direction!

Overall, I enjoyed my time at Artisans this week. I can’t wait to further my relationship with the mentees over the course of the year. 

-Anna Stember
Setons of Gonzaga

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