Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tara McElroy: Charity Auction

The Tuesday before the Charity Auction, was our last day to get everything set up and ready for the event. Starting at 4pm and not ending until 11:30pm, it was a long night of entering in items, checking guest lists, taking photos, and tying up all the many other loose ends. There were many times we just ended up taking seconds to laugh at how much we needed to do, but with all hands on deck and the help from Jimmy Johns and lots of snacks we got everything done! 
Now almost a week after the Charity Auction, it is fun to look back and realize how all the hard work that went in really paid off. When the doors opened at 5:30 for guests, I can't deny that I wasn't a little stressed or nervous about how the night would go, knowing how much time the other chairs and I would had put in over the last months and how awesome the Knights and Setons had been with putting baskets together. As the event went into full swing however, the nerves went away. Seeing how much love and support was in the room for Artisans through the generous donations from the Artisan community and Knights and Setons parents was so amazing. 
The night really couldn't of happened with out all 60 of the Knights and Setons. Everyone came to help set up, eagerly asking what they could do even though it was family weekend and most had family in town. They helped guests out with iPads, made everyone feel welcome and stayed to clean up.
Over the past few months getting to work with Polly, the Director of Artisans, and then seeing the night be a success makes me that much more excited to start our service mentoring program! I can't wait for the great year ahead.

-Tara McElroy
Seton of Gonzaga 

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