Monday, October 10, 2016

Ben McFaul: Charity Auction

This weekend was the Charity Auction for Artisans, and also parents weekend. The Charity Auction has taken a tremendous amount of time on my part, and I can not even imagine how much time it has taken for Tara and Emily, the other Charity Auction chairs. This auction always benefits a good cause and I know it will be a great success this year. This past weekend, the Charity Auction team went to Artisans in Spokane and began to finalize all of the items. Per usual, I was late. My task designated to me was to wrap the items that had already been entered into the system. I was at first completely unsure of what to do, but after watching Will Hackel the Great wrap with precision, excellence and passion, I decided to give it a try. Like the plot of any movie, I was at first unsuccessful, but after much trial and error I can confidently say that I became a gift wrapper extraordinaire. Roll 80's montage.... 

-Ben McFaul 
Knight of Gonzaga 

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