Thursday, February 18, 2016

Transitions Reflection: Spencer Martin

I’ve worked a lot with kids and consider myself to be pretty good with kids overall. For each summer the last three years I have worked at a community center, running different camps and activities with kids usually from ages 6 to 11. Every kid presents a different challenge at camp, but the objective is simple, just have fun. My weaknesses while working in this setting were always what to do when not doing something active, and working with little girls. For some reason, probably because I just had more common with active boys, little girls and I just did not mesh well.

When I was asked which service I would like to participate in, it was a no brainer. I always work with kids and enjoy working with them so I chose Transitions. Transitions, however, was more of a unique experience that was different that work. I was only going to be working closely with one child instead of a huge group of kids in a gym or in a field. And of course, I was partnered with a girl, Nya.

Nya has a huge family and therefore loves when she is in the spotlight. She is a little diva that prances around and makes sure its known to everyone. She also has a big heart. Nya shows constant affection for those around her she loves. This is evident in the way she interacts with all of her siblings, taking it to a point that annoys her brothers because she wants another hug. Nya makes it hard to leave because she wants to give so many hugs and has an even harder time saying goodbye.

I recognize the impact that our organization can have when I hear Nya yell, “It’s Knights and Setons day, It’s Knights and Setons Day!” She always knows what day is her day to hangout with myself or Drew for a couple hours. And trust me, if for some reason you can’t make it to service that day, Nya will remind you. If I’m ever running a little bit late, I can expect a call from Nya to see where I am.

Last year when I came to school I found myself missing work not because of the paycheck, but because I was missing all the interactions and relationships I had with all those kids during the summer. Transitions has allowed me to create a special relationship with a sweet, young girl that brightens up my week for two hours every week.

- Spencer Martin
Knight of Gonzaga

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