Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Artisans Reflection: Annika Barnett

Every week I look forward to spending time with my mentee, Jackie. This week was no different, and as the school days slowly dragged on I waited with anticipation for Friday when I would get to see her. We had planned to go bowling and everyone was really looking forward to it. When Jackie arrived she quickly notified me that we could not start bowling until we put the bumpers up. I was happy that we would be able to use bumpers because gutter balls normally frequent my bowling score.  I figured that Jackie’s insistence on bumper use also indicated that she would need them, but my prediction was far from right. During the game, Jackie had three strikes and maybe only brushed the bumpers once. I, on the other hand, still managed to get minuses even with the bumpers in place. Ever time she stood up to bowl she would get my attention and tell me to “watch her form” and that she would “show me how it’s done.” This would follow by a successful turn for Jackie and a victory dance.

Despite losing the game of bowling by an embarrassing margin, I had the more fun with Jackie than ever before. We laughed over my pitiful bowling skills, high fived over her impressive ones and bonded over the country music that the bowling alley was playing. I look forward to many more weeks of laughter with Jackie.

- Annika Barnett
      Seton of Gonzaga

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