Friday, January 8, 2016

Transitions Reflection: Stevynn Laine

I have always loved working with kids, so I was really excited to start working with Transitions, although it was a little intimidating at first. I met my mentee, Levi, who is a total teddy bear wrapped up in a “tough boy” persona. One of the first things he said to me was “Aw yeah, I was hoping you would be a girl Steven, boy Stevens are usually boring!”. We quickly bonded over superpowers, sports, and math. Currently my main task is getting Levi to enjoy reading, and we have been reading the Percy Jackson series together. It has ben really fun to watch him get so interested in a book, even if he will never admit it out loud.

I really look forward to spending my Friday’s at Transitions, and I am building stronger relationships with many of the kids there, not just my mentee. It is an amazing learning experience and stress release for me, and the kids love getting individual attention. Volunteering at Transitions doesn’t feel like service, it just feels like getting to hang out with a herd of four-foot-tall friends.

- Stevynn Laine
Seton of Gonzaga

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