Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Transitions Refection: Mark Caindec

After walking out of the Transitional Living Center every week, I leave with nothing but smiles and joy. Going over there to spend time playing with children brings nothing but a positive impact on me. It might not seem like much to spend two hours playing games with children, but in the kids eyes’ you can see how much of an impact it has on them. With this being said, for me going to Transitions once a week doesn't even seem like volunteer work and I'm sure for those who volunteer here would agree as well. 

What we actually do at Transitions doesn’t feel like service or volunteer work at all. It's always so rewarding and enjoyable when we help these kids with their homework. After homework, we usually go down to the playroom and have some fun. Whether it is playing twister, basketball, football or any sort of imaginary game, everyone gets involved and is enjoying themself. This type of bonding and the connections I get to make with the children always brings a smile to my face.

Volunteering at Transitions has already had such a powerful impact on my life. Being here, it has given me the power to be a role model for these kids. I know that I can be such a positive role to them, which is why I am continually aware and conscious about my words and actions around them. With this being said, I always try to be a best friend to them and influence them in a way that will better their lives. 

Volunteering at Transitions has helped me recognize and become the true individual that I believe I should always be. What the kids have taught me at Transitions has allowed me to transfer those things I've learned to my personal life when I am not with them. And for that, I cannot thank these kids enough for what they bring into my life. 

- Mark Caindec
Knight of Gonzaga

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