Thursday, February 12, 2015

Transitions Reflection: Sam Comfort

Every Tuesday at 5:30, I volunteer at Transitional Living Center, a place for homeless and low-income families to live for a period of time. My time there is spent playing with children, allowing their mothers some coveted and much-needed downtime. It is a simple, yet very important offering, and I feel proud to be a part of the process. That said, playing with kids is very fun and doesn’t feel much like service. Nothing beats seeing the kids greet us with smiles and hugs when we arrive every Tuesday, and I’m sure anyone else who goes to Transitions weekly would agree.

This service is not only important for the mothers, but also for the kids themselves. They enjoy their time spent playing with college kids. Helping them with homework is always a fun and rewarding activity. When it comes time to have fun, the kids love to set up obstacle courses or play a form of dodgeball. Inevitably, everyone involved has a great time. The direct interaction with those we are serving is powerful indeed.

This entire process has had a profound impact on who I am as a person. I feel I can have an impact in the children’s lives. Being a male, I am always conscious of how I can be a positive male influence to the kids. In this way, I make sure to conduct myself in a way that I can be proud of. This idea has carried over to every part of my life, and has helped me to grow as an individual.

-Sam Comfort
Knight of Gonzaga

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