Thursday, February 5, 2015

Transitions Reflection: Justin Chan

Today I was able to go to Transitions and I got the chance to see my mentees from last semester. Due to my schedule I had to change my day that I go to the Transitions home and I was afraid that I wouldn’t see my old mentees. When I saw them I thought they would have forgotten me since it has been over a month since I last saw them. But to my astonishment they came charging in with full of energy and give me a huge. I was filled with joy because I thought I would be just another person in their life, but after seeing their faces really give me a reminder that I do have an impact on their lives. There were also a lot of other kids that I haven’t met and they were filled with joy when the guys and I arrived. They were so full of life when we went that it reminds us how much just spending a couple of hours with someone really has an impact on someone. They take full advantage of the two hours that we are there because they want to play every game that they can, like basketball, drawing, hula-hoop contest, lava monster, and even four square. When it was time to leave I was able to meet some of the mothers and was able to talk to them for a bit and you see how much they appreciate us coming to play with their kids, even its only two hours. I got to meet one mother who had five kids and could how much she appreciates when we come in to play with their children. It just reminds people that everyone has their own struggles, but a simple act of kindness goes a long way. I am grateful that I did this program because it puts a smile of the kids and their family, but for me as well.

-Justin Chan
Knight of Gonzaga

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