Thursday, February 26, 2015

Artisans Reflection: Glynn Baxter

Originally, I thought I had signed up to be a mentor for a special needs adult named Jacob; however, my experience with Artisans has turned into the reciprocal situation. Jacob has taught me so much about how to express love and genuine gratitude towards everyone in my life. Mentoring for Artisans somehow was akin to me signing up to get a new best friend. My mentee Jacob is the light to my Tuesday mornings. He keeps me on my toes with his outgoing personality constantly chatting with all our friends at the Artisans and sharing his heart of gold.

Jacob and I have a deep love for fine cuisine such as Costco samples, pizza, and frozen yogurt. This being said, we have gotten to indulge ourselves with these foods by going to places like the bowling alley, Froyo Earth, ordering Pizza Hut, and going to our very own five star dining experience at LoCro. In all of these situations Jacob has opted for me to introduce him to all the people I can, whether I know them or not, which has proven to be quite interesting and sometimes a tad awkward. Regardless, we walk up to the table of people, or cafĂ© worker, and introduce ourselves, which gives us the opportunity to both meet new friends. Jacob always put a glimmer of delight and joy in the faces of these people we meet, and that’s my favorite part about hanging out with Jacob: I get to have this giddy glimmer of joy every Tuesday morning.

-Glynn Baxter
Seton of Gonzaga

Glynn and Jacob at the Artisans Holiday Party. 

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