Thursday, November 20, 2014

Boo-gram Fundraiser: Brigit Murphy

As a member of the fundraising committee for Setons, it is my job to help create ideas and put them into action at least once a month. We decided on “Boo-grams”, a fundraiser geared toward the Halloween season where students and faculty paid one dollar to send candy ghosts to one another, as our first kick off fundraiser. Our goal was to raise money for International Justice Mission Club, keep with the holiday season, and have students both send and receive a sweet treat!

The money raised was donated to Gonzaga’s chapter of International Justice Mission to assist them in reaching their goals this year as a club. One of the best parts about being in the fundraising committee is knowing that all the money we raise is going toward a club that, without our help, might not have been able to reach their goals. IJM has great ideas for their club and we were excited to be able to help.

Gonzaga’s IJM chapter is one of numerous college chapters. It is a human rights organization that fights a variety of human rights abuses, including sex trafficking and forced labor, both of which are still very prevalent in our society. Not only was the club excited about the fundraiser, but they also provided us with flyers, posters, etc. so that students purchasing the boo-grams could see exactly where their money was going. With the combination of their visuals and the Setons’ hands-on selling, it was a success!

Overall we made close to $160 for the International Justice Mission Club and they were so incredibly thankful. The event was effective and enjoyable for both the students sending Boo-grams, with personal notes attached, and for those that received that sweet treat! Heading the fundraiser was a blast and a great way to add to the holiday spirit! Fundraising in general is successful based on the support of the community and in this case the Gonzaga Student Body definitely shared the biggest part of the incredible event and donations we were able to give! Student’s contributions to the fundraiser not only supported IJM, but also ultimately advocated for vulnerable members of the global community that International Justice Mission supports.

-Brigit Murphy
Seton of Gonzaga

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