Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Service Reflection: Megan Finnerty

I am lucky enough to be volunteering at Transitions. Our year of Knights and Setons are brand new to this organization and we have definitely been working out some kinks. But, this organization is truly spectacular and definitely deserving of our time. I consider myself to be very fortunate to see these kids once a week. It is also so nice to hear from the administration about how much of a change they see. These children come from all different backgrounds yet that are able to forget that for the two hours we are with them and just let loose. 

My mentee is the fun-loving, creative and passionate Zita. I am so happy we are paired together because she is so easy to get along with, even at her young age. She loves to play games, paint nails and pretend we are princesses escaping a dragon. She demands attention when she walks in the room and she definitely has a warm place in my heart. I had some great one on one time with her for a while but then a slue of kiddos came in and asked if we could all play a game. Hard to say no, we quickly circled up to play duck-duck-goose.

Hearing the giggles of these young children is spectacular. Nothing else matters in their life at that moment besides if they are going to start chasing the goose. Seeing their pure bliss is so important in the midst of college craziness. Another fun thing about the steadiness of Transitions, seeing them every week, we are able to notice changes and individual growth. Whether it is Kharma’s Christmas present that she is still willing to share or Katee’s new haircut that she gave herself, each day brings a new adventure. These kids constantly surprise me and bring me joy. I love their smiles and laughter and I am so thankful to have made bonds with these young kids. Nothing beats coming in those doors with kids running at you with open arms.

This is Katee, she was a little tired of her bangs so decided to chop them off.

-Megan Finnerty

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