Monday, November 11, 2013

Service Reflection: Alex Carlson

If there is one thing I have learned about Rob during my time as his mentor, it is that he is a die-hard fan of Seattle sports teams. Want to know the Mariners’ win-loss record from their historical 2001 season? Rob will tell you. Curious about the score of last week’s Seahawks game? Rob’s got the low down.

Realizing that our weekly service was done on Mondays, I figured it was only a matter of time before we would get to see a Seahawks Monday Night Football game while at Artisans. About two weeks ago, we got that opportunity.

When I got to Artisans that day, I asked Rob if he’d like to watch part of the Seahawks/Rams game and his eyes instantly lit up. Of all the activities we could plan at Artisan’s, I doubt there would be any more suiting to Rob’s tastes than kicking back and watching some Seahawks football. Although, I wouldn’t say we kicked back because Rob was on the edge of his seat before the game had even started. I wouldn’t normally describe Rob as a talkative person, but once the game started, he could not stop talking about the Seahawks and reassuring me about their competence with various statistics that he drew off the top of his head. Any mistake that Seattle made could not sway Rob’s view that they were going to win that game.

We weren’t able to finish the game, but I know from talking to Rob the following week that he went straight home and watched the Seahawks battle to a narrow victory. It’s moments like these that make me excited to be Rob’s mentor and eager to know what experiences the remainder of my time mentoring will hold.

-Alex Carlson

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