Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Service Reflection: Nicole Mullen

This year, I am lucky enough to work with The Artisans organization. I have met with my mentee, Megan, every Tuesday afternoon for the past three weeks. Our time together - along with Maria, Sarah, and their mentees, Jacob and Tara - has been very laid-back and relaxed, but it’s nice to get to spend some down time with Megan. Our time together consists of coloring or arts and crafts with a movie on in the background, and all of us getting to know one another. Next week, the organization has planned for our three mentees to come to campus for all of us to play basketball in the gym together. It will be nice to be in a new environment with our mentees, and I look forward to spending time with and having fun with them.

I have a few ideas of things that I hope will happen during my time with The Artisans. I feel these goals will help me to make the most of my experience with them. One major objective I have for myself is that each Tuesday when I spend time at Artisans and with Megan, I try not to think or worry about anything except making the most of my time there. I have the tendency to not be able to fully enjoy myself just doing simple activities because I am constantly thinking about other tasks I have to do or about small issues I may be dealing with. I want my time with Megan and the other mentees to be as stress free as possible, so I’m able to give them one-hundred percent of my attention and effort. From my work with the mentally handicapped in the past, I have learned some things about myself and how I need to take the time to enjoy the simple events in life. Megan is one of the quieter members of her group, so it has taken some time for us to become sincerely comfortable with one another. There are a lot of great activities we can do together so I hope that will give us more opportunities to get to know one another and form a strong relationship for the year. I hope she and I can work together to achieve any goals she may have for the near future, seeing as it could be a great way to for us to really enjoy our time together. I'm really looking forward to my time with The Artisans this year and hope my service will benefit the organization in a positive way. 

-Nicole Mullen 

Nicole along with her mentee Megan, as well as Sarah and her mentee Tara and Maria and her mentee Jacob.

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  1. Sounds like you are learning how to be 'Present." It is a very important part of the listening skills. You are not thinking about something else or even the exact thing you will say next. When you are present, It leads to asking more interesting conversations.



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