Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Service Reflection: Brennan Calley

This week with Robby we got to cook some food and have a feast with Mackenzie and her mentee Marissa. Robby loves all types of foods, he tells me about it constantly. We always compare and contrasts different foods and all the delicious things we enjoy stuffing in our faces. So for our food day at Artisan’s we decided on making chili cheese tater tots. However, it couldn’t be just any regular cheese; it had to be pepper jack cheese. Mackenzie and her mentee Marissa were in the kitchen with us making a pretty awesome fruit salad. There were fresh apples, without the skin, grapes and fresh strawberries. It was the healthiest thing we had at the feast. After the tater tots were finished we assembled the chili cheese tots and decided on watching a movie. We decided to watch A Christmas Story. It was a wonderful choice I must say.

Since first meeting Robby I’ve enjoyed our time together more and more every time. Each time I've gotten to know Robby so much more, it’s really awesome to get to know someone in such a short time. For instance I’ve learned that he’s a giant wrestling fan (WWE, Raw, smack down etc.), he knows all the wrestlers, their signature moves and even which one I remind him of. Robby is also an avid bowler, he bowls every Friday evening with his team. It’s one of his favorite things in the world; he gets to drink root beer and hangout with his teammates and friends. After our second meeting while I was talking with someone at Artisans and he managed to leave without saying goodbye and it kind of hurt my feelings. So this last week I made sure that we never leave without saying goodbye to one another. Next week were going to go see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2! Super excited for our outing and will be looking forward to it all week long as I power through my school work!

-Brennan Calley

Brennan and Robby doing arts and crafts this week at The Artisans

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